IJCNN Sessions

IJCNN-1 Special Session on Randomization-Based Deep and Shallow Learning Algorithms

IJCNN-2 Special Session on Data Driven Approach for Bio-medical and Healthcare

IJCNN-3 Special Session on Current Trend of Machine Learning in Computer Vision

IJCNN-4 Special Session on Feature Extraction and Learning on Image and Text Data

IJCNN-5 Special Session on Ordinal Classification

IJCNN-6 Special Session on Bayesian Neural Networks: The Interplay between Bayes’ Theorem and Neural Networks

IJCNN-7 Special Session on Machine Learning Applications in Cyber Security

IJCNN-8 Special Session on Evolving Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models for Computer Vision

IJCNN-9 Special Session on Deep Neural Audio Processing

IJCNN-10 Special Session on Recurrent Neural Information Processing: Models and Applications

IJCNN-11 Special Session on Advance Scalable Machine Learning Techniques for NGS Analysis of Big Data

IJCNN-12 Special Session on Cybersecurity in Complex Environments

IJCNN-13 Special Session on Advances in Computational Intelligence for Applied Time Series Forecasting (ACIATSF)

IJCNN-14 Special Session on Hybrid Neural Intelligent Models and Applications

IJCNN-15 Special Session on Deep Learning and Computational Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis

IJCNN-16 Special Session on Neural Network-based Uncertainty Quantification

IJCNN-17 Special Session on Biologically Inspired Computational Vision

IJCNN-18 Special Session on Explainable Computational/Artificial Intelligence

IJCNN-19 Special Session on Concept Drift, Domain Adaptation & Learning in Dynamic Environments

IJCNN-20 Special Session on Artificial Intelligence and SEcurity (AISE)

IJCNN-21 Special Session on Biologically-inspired Neural Networks and Learning Systems for Robotics

IJCNN-22 Special Session on Learning Representations for Structured Data

IJCNN-23 Special Session on Advanced Event-data Analytics Solutions for Understanding and Improving Complex Processes (AEA4CS)

IJCNN-24 Special Session on Computational/Artificial Intelligence in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences

IJCNN-25 Special Session on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods applied to Vision and Robotics (MLDLMVR)

IJCNN-26 Special Session on Neuromorphic Sensing, Processing and Applications

IJCNN-27 Special Session on Embedded Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Systems

IJCNN-28 Special Session on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CISE)

IJCNN-29 Special Session on Aerial Image Analysis Using Deep Learning Approaches

IJCNN-30 Special Session on Robustness and Trustworthiness in Deep Learning

IJCNN-31 Special Session on Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning for Human Motion Modelling and Analysis

IJCNN-32 Special Session on Healthcare Analytics: Improving Healthcare outcomes using Big Data Analytics

IJCNN-33 Special Session on Computationally Intelligent Methods in Neural Data Processing

IJCNN-34 Special Session on Deep learning for Brain-Like Computing and Pattern Recognition

IJCNN-35 Special Session on Deep and Generative Adversarial Learning

IJCNN-36 Special Session on Deep Learning Methods for Wildlife Bioacoustics and Ecology

IJCNN-37 Special Session on Deep Learning for Crop Science

IJCNN-38 Special Session on Adversarial Machine Learning and Cyber Security

IJCNN-39 Special Session on Challenges in Reservoir Computing

IJCNN-40 Special Session on Complex-Valued and Quaternionic Neural Networks: Theory and Applications

IJCNN-41 Special Session on Neural Architecture Search And Deep Reinforcement Learning For Autonomous Driving

IJCNN-42 Special Session on Artificial Neural Networks for Healthcare and Bio-signals Analysis

IJCNN-43 Special Session on Low Power Hardware for Spiking Neural Networks

IJCNN-44 Special Session on Neural Mechanisms for Artificial and Natural Locomotions

IJCNN-45 Special Session on Neural Architecture Search and its Applications (NASA)

IJCNN-46 Special Session on Intelligent Vehicle and Transportation Systems

IJCNN-47 Special Session on Mind, Brain, and Cognitive Algorithms

IJCNN-48 Special Session on Evolutionary Computation-based Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications

IJCNN-49 Special Session on Validation, Explanation, and Correction of Artificial Intelligence Systems

IJCNN-50 Special Session on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches for Ambient Assisted Living

IJCNN-51 Special Session on Neurocomputation and Cognition

IJCNN-52 Special Session on Methods and Applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning to Autonomous Systems

IJCNN-53 Special Session on Deep Reinforcement and Curriculum Learning with Attention Architectures, Theory and Application

IJCNN-54 Special Session on Online Intelligence and Trust Computation in Large-Scale Dynamic Networks

IJCNN-55 Special Session on Extreme Learning Machines (ELM)

IJCNN-56 Special Session on Theory and Applications for Partially Labeled Data Learning

IJCNN-57 Special Session on Machine Learning for Extreme Weather Events Forecast

IJCNN-58 Special Session on Advances in Learning Systems for Intelligent Cyber-Physical Power Systems: Approaches and Applications

IJCNN-59 Special Session on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning for Biomedical Signal Processing

IJCNN-60 Special Session on Learning from Difficult Data Streams

IJCNN-61 Special Session on Secure Learning

Important Dates

22 Dec 2019                            Special Session & Workshop Proposals Deadline

22 Dec 2019                            Competition and Tutorial Proposals Deadline

15 Jan 2020

30 Jan 2020                           Paper Submission Deadline

(this is the final paper submission deadline and no further extension will be given)

15 Mar 2020                           Paper Acceptance Notification Date

15 April 2020                          Final Paper Submission and Early Registration Deadline

19-24 July 2020                     IEEE WCCI 2020, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


IJCNN 2020

The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) covers a wide range of topics in the field of neural networks, from biological neural networks to artificial neural computation.


The IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC) covers all topics in evolutionary computation from theory to real-world applications.


The IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE) covers all topics in fuzzy systems from theory to real-world applications.



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