IEEE CIS is organizing a mentoring program for students and early career researchers who are presenting papers at WCCI2020.

What is it? – The program matches eligible presenters (mentees) with senior academics (mentors) from the field in order to provide mentees both with constructive feedback on publications, and a community point of contact during the conference. The mentor will receive a copy of the accepted paper before the conference, allowing her/him to read the paper in advance. During the conference:

  • the mentor is encouraged to attend the presentation of the paper (where possible) and to engage with the presenter for example through contributing constructive questions in the Q&A part
  • following the paper’s presentation, mentor and mentee are encouraged to meet up (e.g., in the coffee break) for feedback and potential follow-on discussion (where desired).

Who is it for?  – The program is provisionally* open to all students and early career researchers who are presenting an accepted paper at WCCI 2020. All presenters accepted to the program will be assigned a mentor. If you are a student but would not like to be assigned a mentor (e.g. because you will not be the presenter of the paper), you can opt-out by sending an email by April 15thEarly career researchers are not automatically assigned a mentor, but are invited to opt-in by sending an email by April 15th.
–    there is no formal restriction on who qualifies as an ‘early career researcher’;
–    participation in the program is free of charge to registered presenters;
–    *depending on demand, the number of mentees may be limited. All presenters accepted to the mentoring program will be explicitly notified via email.

How does it work? – All program participants (see above) will be contacted via email prior to the conference. Mentor and mentee contact details will be shared between them to allow them to engage prior and during the conference if desired. If you do not want your contact details to be shared with your mentor, please opt-out as described above.

Questions? – Please email.